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30, Škorpijon, USA, NY
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Spolna usmerjenostHetero
Višina5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
JezikiAngleščina, Ruščina
Rojstni kraj
Sramne dlakeKosmata
Velikost prsiMajhen
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I love to chat, to talk, and I am happy I am here.

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Hello Friend

Welcome to my profile!

I'm Irma. I live in a place called Irma Land and it's pretty nice here! I have lots of fun with my online friends and that's pretty awesome.
Since i found Bonga i became very found of being online just having fun for hours. I've met many amazing people here and i am proud to call them my friends. I love wearing sexy lingerie, I like to play games and now and then i even like to organize raffles.
I do privates on request - only thing i ask is that you spend a minimum of 100 tokens.
Sometimes i can be very energetic but i think that is a part of my charm. Oh yes... my birthday is on 20th of November and I am 31.


I am a fun loving girl.
I love learning new things.
I can be a bit crazy sometimes... but hey we all need to have a good time and just enjoy.
Find me online and see more for yourself!


The wall of fame is for my amazing stars who tipped more than 2,500 tokens!



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Agent Provocateur Classic Long Dressing Gown Ivory
After a ‘hard’ working day she will long to slip into this kind of attire! Make a babe’s evening luxurious by giving her this Classic Long Dressing Gown!
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Material: 925 Sterling silver, velvet black. Stones: zirconia pavé white. Colour: silver-coloured, black, white.
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Material: 925 Sterling silver Stones: mother-of-pearl Colour: silver-coloured, white
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Букет цветов
Букет цветов
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HERMES Voyage d'Hermes EDP 100ml
HERMES Voyage d'Hermes EDP 100ml
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Komentarji (24)
6. 04. 19
Sweet_perry you are the most beautiful, charming and above all else the sexyest women in the world you have the ability to make any man the happiest when they see ,I feel very lucky to have been able to meet you,you are with out any doubt an angel sent down from heaven to brighten up my ***you
9. 03. 19
Every time gets me horny, love you )))))
2. 03. 19
28. 02. 19
What a beautiful sexy woman that is very addicting. Nice hairy public area and wonderful vagina.
2. 02. 19
Amazing woman. Sweet and pleasing beyond what you expect. Show her love and she will make you happy and drain you completely. She deserves all the love in the world <3 <3 She has mine for sure
10. 01. 19
You walk tall, got your head in the clouds
You talk soft, but you're thinking aloud
And you know, exactly what you want
You box shy, you're hard to get
You got the face that I can't forget
And I know, I know the heat goes on
I know that the heat goes on
I know that the heat goes on
You play tight, you're nobody's fool
You're not cold, but I know that you're cool
Look at you, I know the heat goes on
10. 01. 19
Ирма, ты невероятна,
Восхитительно приятна,
Удивительно мила –
В общем, мне всегда нужна.

Сильно Ирму полюбил,
О других навек забыл.
Ты одна – моя отрада,
Мне других, поверь, не надо.
2. 01. 19
a very professional sexy woman, I definitely recommend,best
15. 12. 18
Without doubt the most charming and seductive woman I have ever met and the one on here that I have the closest sexual connection with. Her mind is as sexy as her amazing body and gets me hard every time I see or even think about her. Love always XXXXXXXXXX
4. 12. 18
Who said there was no Goddess ?!
Who said there are not perfect women ?!
Who said there is no perfection? !!!
I was touched, enlightened and blessed by the Goddess of Sex, Passion and Seduction !!!
Thanks for the wonderful moments, Goddess !!!!

☺ I'm a nice girl, but don't try and take advantage of it, my banhammer is swift.

☺ American Girl here, I SPEAK ENGLISH, ITALIAN and RUSSIAN. if you're willing, you or I can take the time to translate in freechat/private/fullprivate. Don't speak English, Italian or Russian?? I recommend IMTranslator extension for chrome, just highlight to translate.

☺ I'm only comfortable with penetration & fetishes in FULL private. There is a prequisite tip for me to accept a regular private (see tip menu) I'll c2c in private as long as you'd like.

☺ Yep, I'm American. East coast is where I'm currently at in the forest somewhere.

☺ If you refer me outside of Bonga, you will be banned the first time for breach of conduct !!!!!!!!!!**** No, I'm not kidding, I told you my banhammer is swift.

☺ Everyone who tips 6 tokens or more gets a friend add! (friends get to see what kind of photos i have to offer)

☺ I can be generous if you are with your time

☺ Be polite and don't beg like a little broke sad doggie *you will get banned if you do*

☺ Do not ask me for contact methods or my content outside of this site, I am not permitted to give ANY contact information as per the terms of bonga - you're SOL my friend if you can't utilize a search engine properly.

☺ Ask if your request is achievable before tipping

☺ If you type too many forbidden words(actual forbidden things, not mistakes the text bot picks up), you will be banned

☺ I'm going to have a good time when I'm online, support my endeavors and I'll come on here more often.

☺ Want to get me a gift? Amazon giftcards are my highest priority but since the cost is doubled, tips can also help me buy my first parcel of land!!!:)


100 tkns for LICKING SHOW

400 tkns for SHOWER SHOW

NEW!!! 500 tkns for DRESSING SHOW!!!! You can choose the clothes that I will wear today....